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Breakfast in Bed

Amiel Gourmet
X Maverick & Farmer Coffee
Breakfast Popup

What? A French Breakfast Pop-up in collaboration with Maverick & Farmer Coffee

Where? Amiel Gourmet, Padukone- Dravid Centre for Sports & Excellence

When? 14th October, Saturday, 2023

As the third breakfast pop-up in the series in collaboration with Maverick & Farmer Coffee, the all-you-can-eat spread will feature delicious French sweet and savoury delights, perfect for kickstarting the morning. One can sample a variety of gourmet creations, including the classic Eggs Benedict or Florentine, the sumptuous Egg Yolk Gnocchi - perfected with carbonara foam, shaved parmesan, and crispy bacon, as well as Omelette Au Fromage, Smoked Salmon Savory Croissants, and more. Spoiling guests with unlimited choices, there will be a live display showcasing a selection of fruit salad, assorted viennoiserie, and bread served with homemade jam, mini doughnuts, tea cakes, and other treats. Paired with the breakfast will be Maverick & Farmer's refreshing hot or cold brews.

For a sweet pitstop, guests can indulge in the trendy Round Croissants and the Sunny Side Up dessert - Chef Amiel's saccharine rendition of the classic breakfast staple. Additionally, there will be an array of dessert highlights crafted using Maverick & Farmer coffee, ranging from Opera Pastry to Chocolate Bonbon, Eclair, and the all-time favourite, Tiramisu.


The Breakfast Menu:

From the kitchen

AG Benedict or Florentine (Poached Eggs, Brioche, Bacon jam/Creamy spinach, Hollandaise), Omelette Au Fromage (Tomme De Bengaluru, Tomato and basil Compote, Nut-crumb Cambrie, House Salad), Egg Yolk Gnocchi (Carbonara Foam, Shaved Parmesan, Crispy Bacon) and AG Sunny Side Up (White Chocolate & Mango)


On the buffet

Fruit Salad, Assorted Bread and Homemade Jams, AG Viennese (Round Croissant, Pain Aux Raisins, Chausson Aux Pommes & Sacristain) & Assorted Bakes (Mini Doughnuts, Tea Cakes & Brioche)

Maverick & Farmer's Coffee desserts (Éclair, Opera, Tiramisu & Chocolate Bonbon)

Assorted Savoury Croissants (Avocado & Cream Cheese; Ham & cheese; & Smoked Salmon)



Rohan Bopanna’s Masterblend Espresso, Modur Estate Pour Over, Maverick Mazagran or Iced latte (dairy/oat milk) blended with a signature syrup or choice of sauce (chocolate/salted caramel)

Maverick Mazagran.jpg

Maverick Mazagran

Egg Yolk Gnocchi.jpg

Egg Yolk Gnocchi

Sunny Side Up Dessert.jpg

Sunny Side Up Dessert

Book your spot now ₹1500  all inclusive
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